Search Engine Marketing for Small Business Owners

by | February 22, 2020

Search Engine Marketing for Small Business Owners

I would like to warn my readers at the outset (especially the guys who are new and want to learn about Search Engine Marketing and improve performance of their online business) that this article is going to be long; however, I am going to make it into an interesting read; and promise that it will be informative and be of practical use.

My final objective is to simplify the concept of search engine marketing to the new kids on the block. To begin with, I hope that I succeed in holding your attention till the end; which if I am able to manage, then I promise that you will benefit from this article a great deal.

Basically I am going to straighten out the SEM fundamentals; am neither going to complicate things and confuse you with overflow of info and make it intimidating for you; nor am I going to reduce their importance by oversimplifying them.

Let us start from the scratch – Let’s first understand what SEM or search engine marketing is. Search engines are a tool used by both – buyers as well as sellers. While buyer use it while looking for things like information, goods, services, travel or movie tickets, accommodation, and so on; sellers will be using the same search engines to promote their products and services amongst their potential target customers.

Search Engines – What Do They Do?

Google, Yahoo, Bing etc are some of the most widely used Search Engines; used by millions and billions of people on the worldwide web everyday to look for products or find information. The main job of these Search Engines is to facilitate information.

We can say Search Engines are a bridge between potential costumer and seller of the product or service; and effective search engine marketing is when a potent customer types description (in Search Engine Marketing language called keywords or key-phrases) of the product that you sell in the search engine, and when search engine presents him with the choices for the products or services, your website is one of them. When this happens it means your products are well marketed on the Internet.

With each passing day number of people using the net is rising and this phenomenon is only going to increase with time. As a result of this, competition is also going to increase. Every seller will do everything within his reach to grab buyer’s attention; and every buyer is going to shop around for best price.

And all this is going to impact the dynamics of Search Engine Marketing. It will undergo changes everyday; towards accommodating new buyers, to presenting more choices; also presenting genuine choices and products to the costumer and so on.

How to Sell Your Service or Product in Search Engines?

This brings us to your product. Do you know there are easily more than a billion and a half searches that are being typed in various search engines everyday? Chances of people looking for and typing keywords for services or products you are selling can’t be under estimated. Number not withstanding, if people are looking for what you are selling, do you think it’s a wise idea to treat this matter lightly. If people are searching for our products, let’s be found for it!

Let me share some of the basic constituents from the buyers’ point of view – which will help him/her to increase his odds in attaining ranking in search engines results which get displayed when our potential customers type the keywords. For people who have done or heard about, or used only traditional marketing till now will find the concept of Internet marketing different.

Online Market vs. Traditional Market

Online market and regular market are two different mediums; there are changes that the costumers may be the same – however the routes to reach them are different; the way to draw them to us is different. While traditional marketers are used to print ads and yellow pages, internet marketing is all about (as explained earlier) being found on the internet when people type specific keywords in the search engines.

For Higher SE Ranking – Use Search Engine Optimization

For an individual who is doing business on the net or wants to start one, will have to learn another new concept called search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO. SEO is a very vast subject and to claim that I can explain the entire concept in one post, will not be appropriate. However, I assure you that I will nicely introduce you to SEO. And while saying this let me also share happy news with you, that SEO is something you can do yourself and do not necessarily have to hire a professional for the job or outsource it.

SEO will help you to raise your position in the search engine for your chosen key phrases, keywords, key questions; or even key sentences. SEO is not a quick fix solution; it takes time, sometimes quite a long while before you see your ranks on SE being improved or some traffic trickling in, but it’s absolutely attainable. Hundreds and thousands of people ARE making their millions on the net; pursuing various vocations and professions.

Multiple Search Engines – Single Website – Single SEO Strategy

To begin with, before we go on to learn about how to optimize a website for search engines, let’s make two things clear – one is, that there is no need to implement different SEO techniques or strategies for different search engines. You apply one single organic strategy and all the search engines pick it up. Second important thing is that though SEO is applied on every web-page – it’s a part of the master SEO plan.

Next let’s get on with the core topic. Basically there are three things that need to be worked upon a website to raise its search engine ranking status.

The Three Primary Components That Will Help a Website Rank High In SEs

(i) Is The Design and Architecture of Your Website SEO Compliant?

First is that your website has to be search engine compliant. This aspect of SEO has a lot to do with programming language and software used for designing the website; its architecture; its navigation; images; and so on.

For example a website or blog which has used a lot of Flash for accommodating photographs and visuals will become very heavy and also for other reasons will not be picked up by search engine software (commonly called search engine spiders) for indexing, reading, evaluating and ranking purposes. This means websites using too much Flash and not considered SEO compliant.

For you to know whether or not your site is SEO complaint you can use any of the free spider stimulating tools available on the net; easy to use. SEO compliant websites are those that will ease and facilitate spider visit.

(ii) Identifying Appropriate Keywords & Key-Phrases for Your Site

Next important component of SEO is keyword research; Identifying the right set of key-phrases, keywords etc. What after all are people typing in SEs to look for our category of products, narrowing down that search until we find a perfect balance between number of searches and competing sites for that phrase.

Thus we will arrive at the exact set of keywords and key-phrases for our websites, blogs, forums etc and work towards achieving a decent ranking. It’s a time consuming process that needs some analyzing skills. Number of keywords that a website can be optimized with will depend on the size of website and size of website is decided by number of pages the website has.

(iii) Creating SEO Friendly Content for Your Site

The last and the most crucial part of SEO is developing web content; i.e. t is tp do with written words on the website. The content we publish on various web pages to describe our product or service and other details should be unique, strategically placed; should hold interest of the reader who happens to be our potential client; and has to be effective enough to trigger action and make an impression on the visitor.

If we lift or copy content from other similar website, search engine with its advanced software will recognize it sooner than you know and won’t give you a ranking ever and you will be left wondering forever. Your content should be original, relevant, ethical (sites promoting terrorism, pornography etc will be black listed by SEO). So much so, that even if you associate with any such sites, your own site’s chances of getting higher ranks will be ruined.


If this post has been able to make some sense to the new readers, and you understand the importance of various components that will improve visibility of website the battle is more than half won. Now all you need to do is let the efforts pour in, and give it some time to show the impact.

In the mean time get a better insight into SEO and start implementing in on your website; try and think of creating a unique identify for your website, and present it well. If the search engine spider approves of it – see how it falls in love with your site and sends visitors your way left, right and centre!

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