Some Online Business Success Stories

by | February 13, 2020

Online Business Success Stories

Ordinary people achieving extraordinary success, that’s what makes these success stories so much interesting for me. They let me realize that it’s never late when it comes to starting an online business of your own.

If an ordinary Canada based blogger Christian Lander could win himself a book deal with $300,000 advance within 2 months of launching his blog (, and if a 17 year old high school drop-out, Ashley Qualls could get her website ranked by Quantcast as 349th among 20 million sites, why can’t you succeed?

That’s somewhat I hear myself asking every time I read a success story of such kind.

Why Sharing Online Business Success Stories?

These stories are shared to inspire, to help you understand that nobody is incapable of anything, to help you develop self confidence in yourself and encourage you to start a business of your own related to the interest of your own.

Here are 4 Rags-to-Riches stories I would like to share with you:

Jacquie Lawson

Jacquie LawsonJacquie Lawson, at 62, an old grandmother in the West Sussex, England, trained as an illustrator, created a website to show off her work, allow people download her animated e-cards and share them with their loved ones. The first e-card she created was for the occasion of Christmas, she sent it to her friends and went to Australia for a while.

When she returned from Australia, she had 1600 messages waiting, from people all over the world who had received her e-cards; they had appreciated her work and asked her for more of such cards. The demand grew to the extent that it wasn’t possible to cope with it without a proper e-card service.

Her friend Andrew Dukes and her nephew Mike Hughes-Chamberlain helped her setup that service. Long story short, the site has over 600K members now, each of them pay an annual subscription fee of $20, generating a fortune of $12 million a year.

Ashley Qualls

Ashley QuallsAshley Qualls, an American entrepreneur from Lincoln Park, Michigan, at the age of 14, started a website called The site offered MySpace page layouts free of cost and provided HTML tutorials for people of her age.

This site helped her earn as much as $1million from Google AdSense and brings in a monthly income of $70,000.

Numerous offers have been made to acquire her company since then but she has turned down all of them including the offer of 1.5 million dollar and a car of her choice.

Of course, her site doesn’t work anymore.

Christian Lander

Christian LanderChristian Lander, a Canadian blogger and a McGill graduate, in January 2008, created a blog called “Stuff White People Like”. It was a funny blog aimed at the interests of North Americans. Just two months after the starting of the blog, the unexpected happened and the guy won a book deal with the major publisher, Random House, for an advance fee of $300,000.

The site attracted almost 15 million visitors within the time of 2 months. The book with the same name as the blog was released in July, 2008 and became a bestseller of its time.

Keller Hawthorne

Keller HawthorneKeller Hawthorne, an online entrepreneur from the US, at 22, started her online store, the KBH outlet but was unsuccessful in having more than 10 sales that year. It wasn’t possible to go on that way. She made extensive research on how to be a successful entrepreneur online, invested on some online courses and while doing that stumbled upon some very useful resources like

These resources helped her out of her misery and soon the time and effort she had contributed paid off; by the time she became 26, she was already successful; she was running two e-commerce websites namely Theme Kitchen and Theme Bathroom.

Her personal blog, where she tells her success story and helps others learn from her experience of online business, got ranked 6th in Google page ranking. Surprisingly, within next three weeks, she had managed to raise her page’s rank to 3rd number.

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