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How to Advertise in Newspapers and Magazines

Place of Publications in the Campaign Many people do not know that the money that they pay for a newspaper does not begin to cover the cost of producing it. The publishers’ profits lie in the sale of advertising space. The same statement is true of magazines. One popular weekly, which is sold to the… Read more »

Offline Advertising Tips for Retailers

1. Media used by retailers The term, “retailer,” refers to the merchant who sells an article direct to the user. The peddler who sells from door to door, the pushcart merchant, the small-town general store, the department stores, and the mail-order establishments are all retailers.

Driving Summer Traffic to Your Business

Here’s a thumbnail sketch of my home city in the summer: spectacular rocky coastline, pristine lakes, cozy shops and eateries . . . and miles of gouged-out roadways, not to mention highways and side streets strangled by cars from both natives and tourists.

Role of Marketing and Advertising in Your Business Success

A majority of businesses are developed with an aim to achieve prime goal of making big sources of revenue and making huge profits. In order to achieve these objectives, a business must rely upon strong opportunities through proper marketing and advertising that can allow the business to maximize its potential and reach target audience easily.

8 Tips to Increase Your Small Business Sales

Instead of wasting our time in answering questions like “What constitutes a small business?” and “What qualifies a business as a small business?”, I would like to share here some small-scale business tips that may prove to be very effective and helpful in drawing customers to and increasing sales of your business: