Business Ideas That Work

Business Ideas That Work

Many of those who have 9-5 jobs and also those who have no business and job always dream about starting their own business. They always wonder among different business ideas.

What business idea does work and suit you, your needs and conditions?

For me, the rule of thumb in choosing the right business idea is (1) having the highest return, (2) within the shortest possible time, and (3) using the lowest amount of budget within the shortest possible time. This rule removes 99% of the business ideas from your list. The reason is that they need lots of money to start, while it takes them such a long time to start returning some profit.

So the question is: What are the best business ideas that meet all of these conditions?

There is no doubt that none of the brick and mortar businesses have the above three conditions. For example, how much does it cost to start a coffee shop? How long does it take for a coffee shop to start generating profit?

If you are more ambitious than starting a coffee shop, there are some other business ideas for you. For example, you can start a McDonald’s outlet. But did you know that you almost have to be a millionaire already to be able to do this?

To start a McDonald’s outlet, you have to invest $1-2.2 million while you have to have $750,000 of liquid cash. Above all, you have to pay $45,000 as the franchise fee. Additionally, you must pay a 4% service fee every year, as well as the rent and employeesโ€™ wages. Yes, you can finance 60% of these. But still this is not everybody’s bread and butter. Do you agree?

So, What Should You Do?

As you saw, running the traditional brick and mortar businesses is not that easy. It needs lots of money, and then more money and hard work to maintain. Also, it is not clear when these kinds of businesses start making profit. Numbers say that over 80% of these businesses fail within the first 18 months.

If you want to go for those business ideas, chances are you either cannot afford them, or you fail after a while of pushing and struggling.

But, thanks to computer and Internet, it is possible to go for some other types of business ideas that are online or Internet based. The big difference of this businesses with the others is that many of them are either free to start, or can be started with a very small budget. Although they also need time and effort to start generating profit, many of them can even generate thousands of dollars per month, sometimes without having to spend any extra time and money.

So, while we also cover all different kinds of business ideas on this site, we have a stronger focus on the computer and Internet based businesses, because they are easier to start, promote and maintain, and at the same time they enable us to make a fortune without having to spend lots of time and money.

The Top Business Ideas That Work

I know many of you never started a business so far. So, it may look challenging and tough to you to start a business. But starting an online business is not that hard with our help and support. Fortunately, we have already a system that works 99% automatically. You will learn how to start your business using our automated system.

Now, let’s start listing the different kinds of the business ideas that are the best to start and promote:

1. Our Fully-Automated Online Business System

Fully-Automated Online Business System

Our fully-automated online business system is a unique and exceptional package that covers everything you need to start a professional and strong business. It is 99% automated, so that anybody can do it, even if they have no experience with computer and Internet. Our team takes care of everything and offers full support along the way.

This is not all. Many of the participants will have some income through our Profit-Sharing System, sometimes even before their online businesses start making profit.

There is no doubt that our Fully-Automated Online Business System is the best business idea that suits anybody’s needs and conditions. Why?

  1. This system is automated.
  2. We set up everything for our members.
  3. There are several different options for the members’ different conditions.
  4. Many of the members start generating income through our Profit-Sharing System.
  5. Members learn how to increase their income through the power of Compound Interest.
  6. This system is scalable. It means your business will have no income limit. You can increase your income as much as you want while you don’t have to spend lots of money to develop your business more.
  7. There are premium opportunities for those who want to have a stronger start.
  8. Our system is not just for those who have no business and want to establish a source of income. It is also for those who already have a business, job or expertise, but want to make more money and expand their business faster, or have more success with their job and expertise.
  9. Our system works for everybody.

An Income Booster!

Our Fully-Automated Online Business System is not just to create business for those who have no business and are looking for the great business ideas. It also helps those who already have a business (either online or offline) or expertise. How?

– To Boost Your Business:

There are so many businesses that don’t make profit or they are struggling and hardly cover their expenses. Our Fully-Automated Online Business System turns these failing and struggling businesses into profitable and growing ones. Our system uses the power of the Internet to drive lots of new customers to these businesses every month.

The business owners don’t have to do anything with our system. The system is fully-automated and takes care of everything. Also, our team supervise and maintain the system on a daily basis.

–ย To Make More Success with Your Job/Expertise:

There are so many who have a talent and expertise. For example, they are accountants, photographers, personal trainers, builders, singers, musicians, etc. But they can’t make any income with their profession and expertise, because they can’t find customers and clients. Our Fully-Automated Online Business System finds customers for them, even when they want to have a local business.

Although there is a complicated technology behind our Fully-Automated Online Business System, our clients don’t have to know how it works. The system and our team take care of 99% of the work.

Our Fully-Automated Online Business System works with any kinds of business ideas. There is no limit. It boosts any business’s income and makes the failing and struggling businesses turnaround and start growing.

So, here is the best business idea for anybody:

If (1) you don’t have a business but want to start one to make a fortune; (2) if you have a business or expertise, but want to promote it stronger, grow it faster and make more profit with it; or (3) if you already have an online business or joined an affiliate system but haven’t been able to do well with it and want to take it off the ground, then you have to use our Fully-Automated Online Business System.

Who Are We?

Your Success Is Our BusinessWe are a team of entrepreneurs, programmers, writers, investors, computer/internet experts, and digital marketing gurus, managed and supervised by me, Vahid Chaychi ๐Ÿ™‚

We have created a Fully-Automated System that has been working for us since 2002. Using this system, we have promoted several businesses so far. Once we used this system to promote a business, product or service, we have made several hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can’t go wrong with our help, support and guidance. And, you will make a fortune with our Fully-Automated Online Business System, no matter what kinds of business ideas you want to follow, and whether you have a business idea or not at all.

2. Start a Blog/Website

Start a Blog/Website
Creating a blog for our members is an important part of our Fully-Automated Online Business System that was explained above. It means, as a member of our Fully-Automated Online Business System, you will have a professional blog at no extra cost.

Having a blog is a great business idea itself. When we combine it with our system and make it an important part of our Fully-Automated Online Business System, it becomes an extremely strong tool to generate active and passive (residual) income. We create strong sales letter, pitch pages, squeeze pages, mailing list managers, etc., on your blog. They turn a blog into a strong digital marketing tool.

If you have strong writing abilities, then you can make a fortune through blogging. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t follow this amazing business idea, if you are not a good writer. Our Fully-Automated Online Business System members don’t have to be good writers to enjoy the income of their blogs.

Good writers with strong writing abilities can add strong, fresh and unique content to their blogs and receive more traffic that makes lots of money. Strong content drives lots of free targeted traffic from the search engines. And, free targeted traffic equals money. Therefore, having a blog with quality, strong, fresh and unique content is a great business idea that makes lots of money.

If someone doesn’t have such a writing ability (although this ability can be gained and developed in everybody), our Fully-Automated Online Business System can take care of it at some extra costs. But it is worth to spend money on developing quality, strong, fresh and unique content, because it keeps making money for such a long time.

More than Just a Simple Blog

Your blog can be equipped with so many other things. It can support several different services. For example, it can have a modern discussion board that enables users to participate and interact with each other. This will develop a big community of loyal users in long-term.

Your blog can also support services like job board, classified ads, real estate market directory, and so many other things.

3. Selling Your Own Digital Product(s) and Offering Your Own Affiliate System(s)

Sell Your Own Digital Product

Selling your own digital products is a great business idea:

It is hassle free and can be done from home and using your personal computer and laptop. You can make millions the same way without even having to hire someone, have an office, doing any shipping and handling.

Among the problematic business ideas that have lots of expenses and pressure, selling the digital products is great. You don’t even have to know how to create a digital product. We do it for you. It is part of our Fully-Automated Online Business System:

We create your digital product (eBook), website/blog, sales letter(s), landing page(s), mailing list managers, payment systems, affiliate program, etc.

Yes, we do all of these for you. Our system takes care of everything, even paying the affiliates who promote your digital product without you having to do anything at all. Our system also pays you every two weeks through check or bank wire (it is up to you to choose which method you want).

So you will have a digital product and a website and system that sells your digital product. Everything will be done automatically. You can sell from one to thousands of copies of your digital product every day without any extra fees. The system takes care of all of these.

You only need to work on the targeted traffic, which is also possible to do through our system. However, if you do it on your own based on the instructions you will receive from us, you won’t have to spend any money on the traffic.

This System Is Scalable

The business ideas we offer are all scalable. It means you can increase the income as much you want. There is no limit. The more traffic the system receives, the more money it will make.

It is not only that. Once someone becomes your customer, they are ready to buy more products/services from you. You can sell more related products to those who buy your initial digital product which is your eBook in this case. Many of the professional online business entrepreneurs, and even the other successful business geniuses do the same: They sell an initial product like an eBook, and then they offer more products/services to their customers who know and trust them now. You can do the same. Our system can do this for you at no extra cost as well.

4. Selling Online Membership

Selling Online Membership Is a Great Business Idea

When it comes to online business, there is no limit. You can sell anything on your site or blog. And, selling membership is among the best business ideas, because it generates residual income. However, people must have a reason to sign up for the membership you sell:

1. You sell a software, app, WordPress plugin or theme, PHP Script, or something that has to be updated from time to time. Therefore, the buyers must have a membership to be able to renew their license.

2. You offer an online training course that students have to have an account to login and have access to the training course content.

3. You offer an online service that has to be continued.

For example, you are a stock market analyst, and you offer daily, weekly and monthly stock market analysis, news and buy/sell signals to your clients. They have to sign up and pay a monthly or yearly membership fee, because they want to receive your analysis and news every day, week and month, on a regular basis.

Or, you are a bodybuilding mentor and your followers need to have a membership account on your site to be able to receive your training, tips, news about the new supplements and diets, etc.

Become an Instructor Who Sells Online Training Course

You may say that you cannot do this because you are neither a programmer who can develop a software, nor are you a teacher, market analyst, or bodybuilding mentor who can offer a training course, market analysis service, and bodybuilding news and training respectively.

This is true. To be able to offer a paid membership, you have to be an expert in something or have a product that has to be upgraded from time to time. But, we offer some training courses as part of our Fully-Automated Online Business System program. Those who follow our training courses religiously will turn into experts in what we teach. Therefore, we can start their own online training course and sell the membership if they want. Our system takes care of everything in starting this online business for them.


We keep making the above list longer. So, please make sure to come back and check. If you’d like to receive updates on the business ideas we recommend and offer, and also our Fully-Automated Online Business System which is the best for those who want to start an online business and make money from the comfort of their homes and using their laptops, please subscribe to our mailing list here:

If you have any questions or comments about the business ideas we list and explain on this site, or any other business idea, please use the below form to leave a comment.

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  1. David

    I resell merchandise online. I’ve been selling trading cards mainly…I buy bulk amounts, and sell for a reasonable profit. This isn’t very easy on-line because it’s difficult to keep it consistent on the internet where websites such as eBay are typically for bargain deals. This is why now I’m also building on this by becoming resourceful and creative. Multiple venues such as vendor events, and consignment sales (on-line and off-line). I’m also going to begin creating my own products. Collages using vintage sports cards, and photography prints. Children’s toys do well also. I’m really trying to network, and organize my routine, so that my business may succeed. I still want to make good use of the internet. I like collaborating. Or just general helping people build on their ventures and strengths when I can. Likewise, people I meet along the way are at times quick to inform me of new ideas and resources for my business.

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      Hi David,
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